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I met Bruce over 30 years ago when I first came to Tampa - he was introduced to me as the most knowledgeable land broker in the Bay area.

Gary W. Harrod
Harrod Properties, Inc.


We are proud to serve our valued clients. Each client's needs and goals are very different from one another. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and expert advice to our clients while building strong relationships that will last for many years. We have detailed below just a small selection of the testimonials we have received over the years.

Bruce is the go-to broker for us both on the buy and sell side of land in the Tampa Bay area. As large master planned developers, we have been able to take an early look at available land through Bruce and his years of area networking. On the sell side, he works hard to negotiate the very best price for us, no matter the cycle of the market. We try to leverage his broad commercial real estate knowledge in every deal we do.

Teri Frankiewicz ,
Crown Community Development

Legend has it that many years ago Bruce was told, “We don’t pay you to ‘think’. We pay you to KNOW!” Apparently he listened. Bruce knows real estate. In good times and bad Bruce Erhardt has consistently been one of the best informed brokers in the Tampa Bay area. We at the A.G. Spanos Companies value his counsel highly.

Hardy Gillespie,
A. G. Spanos Companies

I met Bruce over thirty years ago when I first came to Tampa—he was introduced to me as the most knowledgeable land broker in the Bay area. Today he still claims that title and remains our “go to guy” whenever we are looking for new sites.
Gary W. Harrod,
Harrod Properties, Inc.

For land in Tampa, Erhardt is Best-In-Class.   Top notch experience.
Dave Thompson,
Wood Partners

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Meet Our Team
Meet Our Team

We invite you to learn more about our dedicated team of land professionals... Our experience, credentials and commitment to our clients needs is what keeps Cushman & Wakefield number one in Florida for land. land.

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